Everything You Should Know About The Slingo Game

If you are a fan of Bingo and enjoy the actual spinning on the casino slots, you should go for Slingo games. Slingo is the perfect game for a person like you. It involves a fusion of both genres. It is super-fast-paced and will constantly keep you entertained. You can use your skills to apply the bonus symbols in suitable locations. This allows you to build your total points, which you can then exchange for a cash prize. This guide will help you understand what Slingo is and how you can get started.

If you love online games, then you must have dabbled on casino slots and tried to play Bingo at some point or the other. The best part about Slingo is that it involves slot games and Bingo. That is why Slingo has had an enormous impact on the casino world. You know by now that Slingo is a combinatory game of Slots and Bingo.

The primary Slingo games come to the user in a 5 x 5 grid. It will show you 25 random numbers. These 25 numbers have been taken from the 75-ball traditional Bingo format. At the grid bottom, there is a slot mechanic. The slot mechanic spins to display five digits at the end of every spin. The player is allowed ten spins. The purpose is to get all possible numbers crossed off from the grid. This is just like Bingo, where when the announcer reads a specific number, you cross it on your Bingo card. You will receive points based on the number of lines you cross off. For every winning streak, you will get points. At the end of the ten spins, the total points will be tallied, and you can exchange the total points for a cash price.

The difference between Bingo and Slingo is that in the case of Slingo, the spinning slot that is located at the bottom of the grid will not only come up with numbers. When you play slot games, the places generally come up with symbols. The same strategy has been applied in Slingo as well. When you spin the slots, you may also land up with characters. These symbols can be the joker, allowing you to select a number on the grid above the joker symbol. If you get a super joker, it will let you cross off any number of your choice on the grid. If you get three jokers/super jokers or more, you will receive an instant cash price. Sometimes, these slots can provide extra turns or coin symbols to give you another cash prize. However, be vary of the little devil. This symbol will block one number from getting matched.

You can win vertical, diagonal, horizontal lines, or whole houses. Once the game ends, the player with the most points wins the maximum cash prize. Multiplayer sessions have time limits. Therefore, complete your spins within time.