Play Russia Gosloto 5/36 on YesPlay and Take Home Fantastic Wins


Russian lotteries have been around for many years and are among the most fascinating and rewarding gambling games known to man. They are fun, dynamic, and ultra-generous toward the lucky winners. One such lottery, in particular, that is going to blow you away is Russia Gosloto 5/36. The game is widely celebrated in Russia and beyond for its simple and fair rules, great winning odds, multiple exciting betting options, and fantastic rewards.

What is Russia Gosloto 5/36?

Russia Gosloto 5/36 is a rapid lottery game with draws taking place every half an hour during the whole day, every day of the week. Because of its simple structure, easy-to-follow rules, and rich choice of lucrative betting options, the lottery is a perfect pick for any new gambler and experienced bettor alike.

Russia Gosloto is a dual-matrix game with two separate sets of balls involved. Each Russia Gosloto 5/36 game features five numbers drawn randomly from the pool of 36 balls and one additional number drawn from the second pool of just four balls. The player who correctly matches all five numbers in the first panel and one bonus ball in the second panel will receive a handsome cash reward.

Why bet on Russia Gosloto 5/36 with YesPlay?

When playing Russia Gosloto 5/36 on YesPlay, South African lotto bettors have a wide range of betting options and markets available to them. Unlike traditional lottery players, they are free to choose how many numbers they want to include in their bet, how much they would like to wager, and what additional bets they wish to place.

Since it is betting online on lucky numbers instead of participating directly in the lottery, there is no jackpot to be won; nevertheless, the fixed odds payouts awarded to winners are still impressive. The only condition every YesPlay champion of Russia Gosloto 5/36 lottery must meet to get a cash payout is that all of the numbers they bet on have to be the same as the numbers picked during the drawing.

Here is how to start betting and winning with YesPlay:

  1. Set up an account on the platform and add funds to your balance. Make sure you deposit enough to cover at least one minimal bet.
  2. Go to the Russia Gosloto 5/36 page using the platform’s handy search box tool.
  3. Fill in a bet slip manually or use the Quick Pick option.
  4. Place your bet and wait for the draw to end to see if you have won a cash prize.