The 7 best virtual sports games to bet on    

Traditional sports games – those played directly against other people in person – have long been a popular addition to daily life for people all around the world. Whether they enjoy watching talented players or are more interested in being part of a community, sports fans tend to be quite involved in their sports of choice. This participation became significantly more difficult in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic descended upon the world. With in-person meetups dangerous and many governments forbidding people from gathering in crowds, attending games simply wasn’t an option for most fans. Even more distressing was the fact that many sports teams could not gather to practice or play during their regular seasons.

Sports fans around the world began to look for alternatives to their traditional sports teams. While the pandemic did not start the interest in virtual sports and entertainment, it certainly gave people a reason to delve into a potentially unfamiliar industry. Virtual sports quickly became a topic of interest for many, with users particularly attracted to the convenience of following sports that were not impacted by real-world events.

If you’re wondering how sports fans can get started in the online sports industry, this article will explore the best virtual sports to bet on, along with some pros and cons of virtual sports gambling.

What are virtual sports?

Virtual sports can be a confusing prospect at first glance. Many people immediately equate them with some of the more popular sports video games on the market, such as Madden and FIFA. However, the truth is that virtual sports are more closely aligned with slot machines. The games are designed with random number generators (RNGs) as the deciding force in match outcomes. Users can also decide to play virtual sports based on real teams and events as well as fictional events using fake players – the choice is up to the bettors.

Something to note about virtual sports is that they do not hold back when it comes to creating breathless moments backed by exciting wins and beautiful graphics. In fact, they offer some of the best online sporting experiences currently on the market, offering fans everything from creative plays and excellent slow-motion slots to impeccable sound design, which flawlessly replicates the sound of thousands of exciting fans screaming in unison at the world’s biggest sports arenas. These are some of the reasons virtual sports caught on so quickly when fans were searching for alternatives to live sporting events, as the games tend to simulate the fan experience at live sporting events as well as possible while operating entirely online.

Players already familiar with sports betting will feel right at home with virtual sports betting. The process of betting on virtual sports games is very similar to betting on real-world sporting events, down to sport-specific betting odds and different bet types. However, it is important to remember that the games are not decided by player skill but rather using an RNG. If you can overlook this difference from traditional sports and can adjust your strategy accordingly, virtual sports might be an excellent option for your sports betting needs.

 The best virtual sports to bet on

With so many different sports in the world, there is something to enthrall just about anyone from moto sports to cricket and everything in between. The good news is that the virtual sports scene is no different! Fans of greyhound racing will find quality games just as easily as those more interested in virtual football gambling.

In this section, we will look at some of the most popular virtual sports choices and give you our opinion on the very best options for our readers. Some of them offer more “authentic” experiences than others, so keep that in mind if you are searching for a replication of in-person atmosphere.

  1. Virtual tennis

One of the most popular virtual sports is virtual tennis. This might sound surprising at first, as the sport isn’t necessarily known for having the most exciting live events. Still, virtual tennis manages to piece together everything that makes the sport entertaining in one shiny package. This includes footage from live sporting events along with instant replays and shortened matches that only last a few minutes rather than a few hours.

Virtual tennis is a great choice for new and experienced virtual sports bettors alike. The easy-to-follow gameplay is simple enough to engage even users who are not familiar with the sport. The global popularity of tennis also makes it easy to find the right betting market for your particular betting style.

  1. Virtual American football

Another excellent choice for virtual sports betting is virtual American football. The sport is one of the most popular globally, with millions of players turning up to live events and online betting sportsbooks alike. However, because American football requires close contact between players, it was one of the first to cut back on in-person games. Players searching for a viable alternative when COVID-19 was in full swing quickly took a shine to virtual American football, which featuresall of the entertaining elements the sport offers inperson.

With an impressive selection of odds and the ability to bet on clubs (albeit typically fictional ones), virtual American football features exciting gameplay rendered in high-quality, surprisingly realistic graphics. This realism comes with the benefits that only virtual sports can offer, such as the stark absence of injured players, bad weather issues andmatch fixes. As a result, players can count on being able to watch the promised match.

  1. Virtual car racing

Car racing is full of exciting moments, and virtual car racing is no exception. While the available games do not always feature the same graphics quality as other sports, we find that the visuals take second place behind the action-packed racing itself. The sport also has a good variety of betting opportunities, which makes it easy to find the perfect bet type to matchyour preferences.

Note that virtual car racing does not often feature official titles, drivers or cars. Instead, you will be betting on fictional professionals, titles and cars.

  1. Virtual speedway

Another exciting virtual sports option for racing enthusiasts is virtual speedway. This sport focuses on motorbike racing rather than car racing and delivers exciting matchups directly to your personal computer. Speedway was one of the first virtual sports to be released, and it has only continued to thrive as the years have passed. Today, users can expect to place bets on one of four riders using an acceptable range of bets thatmight not be the most impressive on the market but offers enough diversity to keep fans interested.

  1. Virtual basketball

Virtual basketball is a popular virtual sport thanks to the sheer number of games available. There is something to keep just about everyone interested, ranging from fictional teams to games based on official teams and released by the NBA. The sport’s graphics have been steadily improving as well, and while they might not be quite as realistic as those offered by football, they are plenty accurate enough to draw you in.

Another reason we think virtual basketball might be a good choice for our readers is the wide range of bet types, which can make matches exciting to follow.

  1. Virtual horse racing

Who doesn’t enjoy watching elegant and powerful horses race around a track with their manes and tails flowing inthe breeze? Virtual horse racing is a great way to get your fill of a rather competitive sport without leaving your home. Enhanced by appealing graphics and a wide variety of race sites and even varying numbers of horses in eachrace, virtual horse racing is a solid option for anyone looking for a bit of “me time”.

  1. Virtual darts

Last but certainly not least, we have virtual darts. This might not be the most obvious choice when it comes tovirtual sports, but it is a good optionfor casual players as well as more serious darts fans. The main reason we recommend the sport is its excellent atmosphere, which mimics real-life matches surprisingly well. Other sports can sometimes struggle to make the transition from in-person sporting events to virtual experiences, but darts has managed to do so quickly and thoroughly.

Players looking for realistic graphics in particular will also appreciate what virtual darts has to offer.

Are you interested in giving virtual sports a try? We think that the above are some of the most entertaining choices to keep fans engaged, even if it’s a sport with which they are not overly familiar. While virtual sports cannot yet fully capture the in-person event experience, they have evolved into impressive games in their own right andmanage to deliver a bit of the magic that watching your favorite team live can bring. Our top picks have everything necessary for a great time, from excellent graphics to a wide variety of bet types and even numerous fictional sports teams and clubs.