Why variance matters when picking the right online slots to play

Online slots come in countless fun themes and formats nowadays. One key factor savvy slot fans look at is variance. Often overlooked by casual players, variance indicates how frequently and largely a slot pays out. High-variance slots can pay life-changing wins, while low-variance games offer smaller but more regular payouts variance helps choose slots with better-winning potential. 

What is the variance in slots?

Also called volatility, variance describes the risk profile and payout frequency of a slot game. Low variance slots payout often but usually in small amounts. Jackpots and big wins don’t happen frequently. High variance slots deliver much larger payouts, but far less regularly.  Game developers don’t publish exact variance rates. Players estimate volatility based on experience and publicly available info. Variance differs not just between games but sometimes between versions of the same game. 

High variance slots can be better

High variance slots pose more risk, as you can spin through many dead spins before hitting a big win. However, the epic jackpot possibilities make the dry spells worthwhile. Life-changing progressive jackpots almost always come from high-variance games. If you manage your bankroll properly, the payoff chance justifies the higher volatility. Unlike low-variance slots, bankroll in high-variance games doesn’t slowly trickle away. Click here for more info you either deplete it rapidly or win big. This makes high variance slots ideal when you have a large bankroll and can handle the dry spells. Your chances of that huge payout are better despite the reduced hit frequency.

Managing high variance slots

Playing high-variance games successfully requires adjusting strategy:

  1. Have a big bankroll – High variance slots drain bankroll quickly during cold streaks. Have ample funds to handle the dry spells.
  2. Make larger bets – With less frequent payouts, you want to maximize win amounts. Just keep bets proportional to bankroll so you have enough spins. 
  3. Expect dry spells – Don’t get discouraged when you have long streaks without decent wins. 
  4. Quit while you’re ahead – When you do hit a nice win, consider ending the session as a “winner.” Don’t keep spinning until the winnings disappear.
  5. Try “Bet Leveling” – Increase your bet after dry spells to compensate for depleted bankroll. Then reduce bets after a big win.

 Advantages of low variance slots 

While lower volatility slots don’t offer massive payouts, they provide reliable entertainment. You’ll spin many winning combinations and get frequent small payouts to recoup some losses and incrementally grow your bankroll. This slower drip of income lets you gamble longer. You won’t worry about your entire bankroll disappearing after just a few unlucky spins like with high-variance games. Just beware that the steady trickle of small payouts may not make up for the amount you are continually betting.